Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year Dear Friends,

2011 is over and it is time to move on. (Don't look back to those incomplete resolutions of last year)  :)

Just to catch you up a little, the walls in my studio are all painted, the floor is stripped down to the concrete ( I can't decide on the kind of flooring to put in) and now I am working on organizing all of my fabric and books. I am slow to say the least.
Have I been sewing lately? Heck YES!!!
A few months ago a friend asked me to make a rag quilt out of some fabric she had purchased. Being the brave soul that I am (having never made a rag quilt), I said Yes, I would.
Sew>>> I set out to research Rag Quilts and found lots of info about them on the internet. They seemed pretty easy (and are) so I made 3 baby quilts before moving on to tackle this project. I haven't any pictures of this one but when I finish I will post pictures.
I still have oodles of WIPs and lots of ideas for new projects.
Since I last posted, My husbands oldest daughter got married in October. She had a beautiful wedding and the are happily doing their married life.
Christmas was quiet around here. We will be celebrating with family this weekend, January 7th and I can't wait to see all of the grandkids. (You too MOM!)
I hope all of you who follow this had a wonderful holiday season. I am looking forward to a great and productive New Year.
Thanks for stopping by and God Bless,