Sunday, November 18, 2012

New baby boy quilt

Good afternoon everyone,

Hi there, just wanted to share some of the things I have worked on this weekend.

I pieced this darling little boy quilt and now have it loaded and ready to quilt.

I am almost finished quilting this Large Mug rug or Small table topper.

That will put me at 3 quilts to get bound and one tabletopper/mug rug to bind.

I still have my flower quilt on the design wall. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, my camera didn't want to focus real well.

I hope your weekend is happy and productive.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Finish up Friday

Hi Everyone,
I can't believe 2 months have gone by since my last post. The time just seems to go faster and faster, especially with the holidays coming on.

I was reviewing my September to do list and the only thing I completed on that list was Olivia's quilt. It is all done and I need to get it in the mail.

I also finished up quilting the Bento Box quilt and have the binding ready to put on it. I have to get some movies from the public library and get busy on that one. I like watching movies while doing my hand work.

I did start quilting on the little green table topper and I finished up quilting a customer's quilt yesterday. 

I still have more that I want to get done so here is my new list:

1. Finish up the American Beauty quilt - the white needs to be quilted and the binding put on.

2. Work on piecing the Flower quilt.

3. Quilt the 2 table toppers and bind them.

4. Piece and quilt Baby Boy quilt for Kari. (She had her baby last week!)

5. Finish up Baby Boy Raggy quilt.

6. Piece and quilt man's quilt for charity in Jan.

7. 2 Christmas stockings for the newest grandchildren.

I joined a NewFO Challenge for 2013 and you can check it out here:


It sounds fun and I hope to keep you updated on all the exciting projects I will be working on in 2013.

Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless.