Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Weekend Retreat at Quilters Cupboard - 2016

The weekend is over but what a weekend it was.

Friday was my little grandson Judah's birthday, so Grandma took his presents to him all wrapped up in the pillow case I made for him. Such a sweet little lad he his.

The retreat started at 4 pm to midnight on Friday, 9 am until midnight on Saturday and 9 am until 3 pm on Sunday.
I took my BOM (Block of the Month) project that I am doing through QC to work on.
Block one was done and I had half of block 2 going. If you recall from a previous post, they are a bit labor intensive so I didn't think I would really get much more done than those blocks (I had 4 1/2 to get caught up to March) and I was right.
Now I have 6 blocks done and am soo inspired to keep going.

They blocks are about 12" x 12" when finished and I get 4 block patterns a month with enough fabric to put them together. I have 2 left from February and all 4 for March to complete and be caught up to April.

On the UFO front, I still haven't gotten J&M's quilt loaded onto the longarm but it is ready and I may do that today or tomorrow.

While at the retreat, I was so inspired by all the cute and beautiful quilts, but there was one there that really caught my eye. I wrote it down because this is going to be the next quilt I want to make. It is called Hunters Star. Above are a couple of pictures off the internet of the pattern. The quilt I saw at the retreat was in 1930's reproduction fabrics - light pastels - and it looked so full of Spring I fell in love with it.

Sewing wasn't all I got accomplished this weekend.  Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon with my oldest daughter Kelley. We went for lunch and then a walk afterwards to one of her favorite coffee shops. The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful. Thank you Kelley Rae.

All in all I had a great weekend.

I highly recommend retreats, whether it is for a hobby or just to get away. They can be so refreshing and re-inspiring. If you live in Iowa check out the Quilters Cupboard website for information on up and coming retreats.
I hope your weekend was wonderful and inspiring.

Thanks for stopping by.


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