Monday, November 9, 2009

New day

You are probably wondering what happened with the Giveaway. Well husband didn't make it home this weekend and should be home tomorrow. I did go to see my son yesterday fully intending on having him draw a name and I totally forgot. DH will be home tomorrow and I will have him draw then so if there are any latecomers your name will go in. Tell what you are currently working on or what future projects you are working/thinking on. That's all there is to getting into this giveaway. So far only 3 people have responded. Thanks ladies.

I started working on a new block on Friday and have 20 blocks done. I still have
TB on the board though so I will work on that today and get some rows done. I also have the binding to get on 2 other quilts and will be working on them this week.

Today though, I am making cookies for DH's return home. He has been gone a week. WOW!


1) A loving Son, Daughter-in-law and Grand-daughter.

2) Warm sunny days in Nov.

3) A hard working husband. Miss you honey.

I hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for stopping in.

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