Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The New Machine is Here!!

The new machine is here, all set up and running great so far. I am having an electrician come today to check the electrical and make sure that there is enough to go around.

Here are some pictures of her arrival.
This is the table before being put together. Let me tell you, that baby is heavy. I helped carry it in and we had to make a few stops to rest before the final resting place. (Rest for me that is. )  :)
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This is the table all together. It has a pivot bar in the front that helps with loading the quilts and then quilting.
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And here she is.. My new Gammill 22:10. It is the newest machine in their line. She just came on the market a little over a month ago, I am told.
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I have been practicing stitching. When I finished the piece that they brought to practice on I bought some inexpensive fabric and loaded her up myself. These are some loops that I stitched.
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I have 2 days of training with the shop that I bought this machine from. That will be in September, the shop is called At The Heart of Quilting  in Beloit Wis. I can't wait!

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I will be practicing and keeping you posted.

Thanks for stopping by.

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