Saturday, December 15, 2012

New sewing tables from Ikea

Here are pictures of my new sewing and cutting tables that I bought last weekend at Ikea.


Cutting table with flannel board on the wall above it. There is a lot of storage space underneath the table and the height is perfect.

The corner table with sewing machine. LOVE IT!

This space above my machine I am thinking of putting a peg board on the wall to organize tools and thread.

Any thoughts??

New pictures of WIP.
Here are pictures of the charity quilt I am working on, all layed out so I can look at it before I piece it. I had the fabric cut out right after Black Friday and started piecing it last night.

 All pieced and ready to quilt. I am really loving this quilt.
You can find this pattern here.
 Ready to quilt.

I hope to get this quilt completely quilted today and binding on tomorrow. I am slow and take a lot of breaks so I better get back to work. Have a great day.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's a very nice room. I really like that curved table for the sewing machine.

  2. like your sewing room. my cutting table is also from ikea but my room is not so big and organized. lol

  3. Your sewing room furniture looks great. Especially the curved corner piece. Question about your quilting machine -- what kind is it, and what do you use to attach the sides to the machine -- for keeping it taut. I don't recognize them. Thanks much.

    1. Hi Dar, My machine is a Gammill Vision, 22 inch. The side pieces you are looking at are something i put together using shims from Menards and duct tape. i wrapped the tape around to of them, made 4 altogether and use the on both ends , above and below the fabric to make it a little tighter. Thank you for asking.

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