Monday, February 1, 2016


Are there times in your life when in that space of time, right before you are going to do something you have so looked forward to doing, you just sit back and revel in the anticipation of what is to come?

I do, quite a lot actually. My favorite is Friday morning at 8 am when I am just getting off work and have the whole weekend ahead of me. I may have plans so I am looking forward to time spent on planned activities or I may have a completely empty weekend ready to be filled. I enjoy the peace and calm right then, because I know all too soon it will be my memory and I want to be in the moment and enjoy to the fullest, whatever comes.

This was one of those weekends. There was so much planned and so much to do.
Weekend sewing retreat at my step-daughters was the big plan. It was so very enjoyable. Lots of yummy snacking and snuggling my little grandson Bennett. I didn't get as much sewing done as I had planned. I had taken my blocks to work on from Quilter's Cupboard BOM sew a long and wasn't expecting how labor intensive these blocks are. Super cute!! But A LOT of piecing.

Here is a picture of the block I finished at Amy's. I LOVE it!

And another one, Block 2, that needs to be put together. I just finished up all the hst. 1.5 and 2.5" squares.
That was kind of disappointing to only get one block finished but I am determined and this only made me realize I need to budget my time even better if I want to get this project really up and running. And I do!!

Then there was the issue of homework. I am taking 3 college courses, trying to finish up my Associate of Liberal Arts degree. 2 of the classes are computer application classes with a bit of hw. Okay so there is A LOT of homework, but I can do this. And I did. Assignment deadline for each week is Sunday at midnight - I made it!!! For this week (last week now).
I just get to the top of the mountain and then slide back down, realizing that today (midnight Sunday night) is a new week with new homework. Oh boy.

And then there was the 2nd most anticipated part of the weekend and that was "What was Aunt Marti going to post on February 1 for the UFO challenge this month?" She must have known some of us would be up waiting to see if she posted at midnight Sunday night and she didn't disappoint.

#9 - my number 9 is the green table runner.
Here is a picture. Well I was going to take a picture and for some reason my camera won't turn on so I put the battery on the charger to see if that will help. I will post a picture later this month. All it needs is to finish up the quilting and have the binding put on. It has been in my projects stash for well over a year now so it will be wonderful to get it finished and off my UFO list.

I hope your weekend was everything you anticipated and more. If you did any sewing this weekend, post some pictures. I would love to see what you are working on.
Thank you for stopping by.


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