Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Lessons from the Kitchen

Yesterday I decided to make some cheesy potato soup. YUM!
I put carrots, celery, onions, brats and potatoes in it, and of course cheese. I got all my veges assembled to clean and peel and when I took the carrots out of their bag I noticed that several were very moldy. Yuck! I decided to cut off the bad parts and peel the rest. One of those carrots didn't make the cut, it was kinda skinny so I peeled it thinking I would just cut off the moldy part after peeling. I took the first scrape with my trusty peeler, going into the moldy part and low and behold there was a good carrot under that mold. I peeled off all the mold to find a perfectly edible carrot for my soup.
The lesson? Sometimes we see people in life who are so moldy that we either throw them away or try to cut off the bad parts to salvage the rest. God sees us, mold and all and He knows which parts are salvageable and which need to be trimmed off. Trust in Him that He is always trimming even when you think someone or even yourself may not be salvageable. I guarantee there is something there. :) That was my lesson from the kitchen and something I was so glad to know.

Today I am going to Hobby lobby in Ames to look for some Christmas buttons for my stockings. Maybe some cording too. I also want to look for purple flannel. I already have some but I don't think I have enough for the border for Areigna's quilt and doll quilt.
I love my flannel board. Only $3. I can put my projects up on it and step to get a better view. Love it, love it, love it!
Here is a picture of the flannel quilt, doll quilt and Christmas stockings. All works in progress. :)
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Here is a picture of the blue quilt. I am still making blocks for it so this is a tentative view.
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It is very cold here today, with a light dusting of snow on the ground.

My Gratitude's for today:

1) My Savior, who, when I listen, is always reminding me that He is here and that He cares for me. Thank you Lord

2)My Design (flannel backed table cloth) Board, so that I can step back to see the bigger picture.

3) My Daughter Casey Francis, for all her love and encouragement especially now. Thank you Little love.

I pray you all have a very blessed day. I hope you have been inspired and loved.
Thanks for stopping in.

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  1. woohooo! I made the gratitude list!! This is the greatest day ever!