Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pin Basting

Hi All,
My goal for this weekend is to get True Blue quilted and binding put on. I started in early this morning
and have been steadily at it, taking occasional breaks to do laundry or let the dogs out.

I am only quilting in the ditch as I think anything decorative would take away from the pattern of the quilt design.
I thought I would take time now to post pictures of my time with Shirley, pin basting TB and the denim throw..

Here is Shirley getting the batting ready. We laid it out to let it rest a bit in order to get the folds out. I am using Warm and Natural batting.
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Shirley has 2 big tables, perfect for pin basting. Here is the backing laid out and ready to be clamped to the table.
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Top, batting and backing ready for pinning.
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Then we laid out the denim throw and pinned it to the backing. I am not using any batting with this throw. The top is so heavy that with the backing and stitching i thought batting would be too much. This will be used for picnics and go into the car for the winter for a winter throw.
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That's it for pin basting. Thank you Shirley for helping me
I changed the color of the background of my blog page today. I like it, let me know what you think of it.

I haven't posted any gratitudes in awhile so I thought I would leave you with these that I am grateful for.
1) A loving and forgiving God. Thank you Lord Jesus for all of your blessings in my life.
2) My wonderful husband, who drives me crazy most of the time.
3) My sewing machine, that I can make wonderful quilts on like True Blue.

Thanks for stopping by.

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