Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paper Piecing


I wanted to share about the paper piecing class I took earlier this week. It was great! LOL, Oh you want more?

Well I bought a little kit a week ago at this shop in Manchester Iowa called The Quiltmaker's Shoppe. The kit was by Remember Me Pattern Co. and was a long and scrappy wall hanging called "Christmas Ornament". If you bought one of these the shop offered a free 2 hour paper piecing class so I did it. Thank you Mary for your patience and wonderful teaching.

Here is the completed project:
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It went together really fast and thanks to Mary's teaching I feel pretty confident to take on another project so I purchased another little one and if that one comes together okay I have a quilt I want to attack/attempt. :)

Moving right along, Here is my Quilt for Kids quilt, all pieced and quilted. YAY!! I think it turned out super cute. The quilting is okay but it was great practice for me. I quilted the four patch blocks in the ditch and the other blocks I free motioned a little loopy thing in them. Now I have to get that in the mail and back to QFK's so I can get another one. :)

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a terrfic day.

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