Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Girl quilt

Good Morning all,

I forgot to post yesterday about my weekend. A couple of my girlfriends and I met up on Saturday and went to "Ridiculous Dayz" in Waverly. 30% off all fabric and kits and 50% off all books. WOW!! I found some really good deals and was able to restock my stash of neutrals. I also picked up some bright colored batiks for a paper piecing block I want to do by Carol Doak. Here is a picture of the fabric I bought. The pinks down in the lower left corner I bought in another shop. They weren't on sale but when I saw them I just couldn't resist them.
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So I made this -

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Isn't it adorable?
It's called Easy Baby Rail Fence and I got the pattern off this website . It was super easy to put together. I made a piano key border for the outer border instead of what the pattern called for and I love the way it turned out.

I am sure you are wondering who this is for.
 Well >>> My daughter just recently found out that she is pregnant with her second child, SO>>> She doesn't know for sure if she is having a girl or boy but I loved this fabric and thought I would practice making this pattern. If it turns out she is having a boy I'll just do it in Blue. :) I think it will still look sweet.

I have all my binding for TB pressed and rolled onto a paper towel roll, ready to be put on. So enough of all this fun and back to TB. I think I must have Adult ADD because I get so easily side tracked. :)

Anyway, I hope your day is sunny.
Thanks for stopping by.

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