Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting my Quilt for Jesus done.

 Hello everyone,

Just thought I would give a little update on my LA quilting.
My machine has a timer on it that tells me how much time I have spent sewing on her. I can clear it when I start a new quilt and then know exactly how long it takes me to quilt that particular quilt.The actual time I have been quilting on this quilt is 2 hours and 14 minutes. I didn't work on it over the weekend because I had to work my part-time job and it is 2-12 hour day. Kicks my rear everytime but oh well, it gets me out of the house.
I am more than half-way done on this quilt and will finish it up today. YAY!!!

I may have told you the story behind this quilt before but just to refresh , Back in 1994 I took a strip quilting class where I first was introduced to a rotary cutter, mat and the various rulers. This was my very first quilt that I pieced. Since it was my first pieced top I dedicated it to the Lord. I started hand quilting it and only got about 1/4 of the way through until I set it aside. This quilt has sat in a box all these years. When I got my new machine I thought it only appropriate to finish this quilt on it. So I took out the hand quilting, replaced the old batting and will finally after all these years get her done.

I can't wait to see this quilt finally done. I am so excited. I hope you all have a terrific day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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