Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quilt #2 on The Long Arm

Yesterday I put the Denim throw on the LA machine. It took me most of the day as I was trying to do a better job getting it on.

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I started quilting it today.
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This is the greatest picture of the quilting, but then the quilting still looks pretty amatuerish. I probably won't try a quilt like this again because of the "lump"s. The places where 4 seams meet. I pressed it, I thought, really good and yet I still am running into the "lumps"

Oh well, back to the sewing table. :)
Hope you have a great day.

P.S. This is my 50th blog. YAY!!! At my 100th, maybe I will have a give-away. :) Okay, maybe the 75th.


  1. Next time you have a quilt with lumps where the seams all meet try flattening the seams with a hammer ( use an old cutting board or stack of magazines underneath) before you start quilting. It will help a great deal.

  2. Thanks Janice. I will try that. This one is still on, I wasn't able to work on it all weekend.