Thursday, October 7, 2010

AQS Show in Des Moines

YES!! I went to the show yesterday with 4 of my quilty girlfriends and it was awesome!
We got to the Events Center right at 9:00am when the doors opened. There were already at least a hundred quilters ready to go in.
I saw the Farmers Dotter in line ahead of me so of course I had to say Hi.

We got through the entryway and OH MY GOODNESS.... There were vendors as far as the eye could see. It was this quilty girl's shopping dream but I was determined to stay within my budget and I didn't do too bad.(though I did go over just a little ). :) I did find a good deal on a Hoffman Batik at $8 a yard and it was the color I needed for my PP project so I snapped that up. I was looking for any super bargains and since it was the first day there weren't a lot but there sure was a lot of beautiful fabric and cool gadgets to look at.

I visited with a lot of quilters and didn't realize how many new friends I had made this past year.

 I did meet some new people at the show. There is one in particular that  I want to share about. There was a gal there that looked familiar to me but I couldn't think where I knew her from. It seemed that I kept passing her in different aisles and I kept thinking "I know her" ,then finally I and one of my traveling companions went to get coffee and here she came too. My curiosity getting the better of me I went over and said something like "Hi, I think I know you. Didn't we go to high school together?" As it turned out WE DID!!! LOL,What a small world it seems. We chatted for a bit, catching up and promised to find each other on Facebook and keep in touch.  That in itself was worth the trip.
After a full day of shopping and looking at beautiful quilts, my friends and I ended the evening with a delicious mexican dinner and headed back to M-town.

What a wonderful day with lots of sunshine, beautiful quilts and great friends. What more could this quilty girl ask for.  
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  1. Gee Nan, thanks for noticing and mentioning me! I think I remember you, your hair is much longer than your picture now? I enjoyed looking at your blog, please take a look at mine if you get a chance and would love to have you and some of your friends for guests sometime!

  2. Wasnt the AQS show great?! i was there for 2 days and didnt feel like i got to see everything. but theres always next year!