Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pink Baby Rail is off

I am moving right along. YAY!!! I took the Pink Baby Rail Fence off the LA this morning. According to the time on my machine it took about 2 hours total to quilt it. I am not quilting a straight 2 hours though, I need to get some really good floor mats and then the standing won't wear me out so fast.

Here is a picture of PBRF on the long are, and the quilting in the first border.
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I also finished the border on the "Quilt for Jesus" Burgoyne Surrounded.
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Finally after starting this quilt nearly 16 years ago it is done.
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Just goes to show, Don't give up on those WIP'S. (Works In Progress)

Here is a picture of the quilting on the Denim Throw. Now I am putting the binding on this quilt. I am thinking that I shouldn't have cut the batting and backing until I had the binding stitched to the front of the quilt.
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I am already planning the quilting for the next quilt. I have been practicing something different.
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Still needs some work but I see a lot of potential here. :)

I think I will be finishing up these two quilts (DT and PBRF) before I put another one on the LA, but won't be waiting longer than a week. I am getting addicted to long arm quilting so have to stay focused on my regular sewing for awhile. It seems my unfinished projects have been put on the back burner but I am getting my pieced quilt tops quilted too soooo>>>> Quilting pieced tops/working on unfinished projects. It's a tough decision.  One I hope to have for a very long time.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you have a quilty day.

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  1. I am absolutely flabbergasted(strange word) by the amount of work you are accomplishing. Your quilts are beautiful. Yay for grandmothers.