Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quilt #4

Fall is definately in the air. It is chilly here in Central Iowa today.

 Quilt top #4 went on the LA on Tuesday of this week. I am still slow getting her loaded but pretty happy with the results. Thanks Gammill for the tutorial posted on You tube, I refer to it frequently while loading my quilts on the frame.

This top was originally going to be the back to the Denim Throw. I wanted the back to be all dark blue denim, but realized I hadn't purchased enough for backing. I decided I would make 12" blocks out of the denim and use the red fabric as sashing between the blocks. Well one thing lead to another and when I  finished I thought this was too cute to use for a quilt back so I made it into a front.
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In the blocks I am quilting this heart pattern. It is good practice for eye/hand coordination. It is also good practice with the laser light and setting up patterns for a specific area. I am using a matching thread so my mistakes don't show. :)
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Tonite is my Paper Piecing small group meeting. I have all 6 of my blocks done. YAY!!! I need to get busy on the connecting blocks.
I am making Nutty cream cheese bars to take but first I am off to the library to pick up a book that I reserved. The book is written by Francine Rivers and it is her latest one but I can't recall the title right this moment.
Anyways, I will write more about that and tell you how I found this wonderful author at another time.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

PS. I still haven't gotten the binding on quilts 2 and 3. It seems there is soo much to do and so little time. :)

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