Friday, October 9, 2009

The blahs>>>>

Well, all I have been doing these last few days is peeking in at my sewing machine. Sometimes I go over and turn her light off and on. Mostly I have been sitting with my back to her while I mess around on the computer.

Just haven't had much ambition these last 2 days. I don't know if it's the weather or what but I better get my rear in gear if I want to get these 40 quilts started and finished.
I need to get ready for the workshops I am signed up for at the Des Moines Quilt show at the end of this month. I have all my tools that I need in a nice little container. Now I have to make some "quilt sandwiches". These are squares 13 to 15" big made with a top, middle (batting) and bottom (backing). I will use these in the machine quilting workshops to learn machine quilting on. I need 9 for one workshop and 6-8 for another.

Was looking at the next pattern I want to get started on. It is called Splendor and probably will be the hardest one I have done up to now. It has pieceing that really has to have accurate 1/4" seams. It is a beautiful quilt in cream and green with red flowers. I bought the kit in Cedar Falls at a quilt shop there. They had the completed quilt on the wall and it was just beautiful. I may have gotten a bigger challenge than I thought.
Maybe the thought of that quilt is bogging me down. Oh well, I have put it away for now until I get finished with True Blue. I put a couple of pictures on of the blocks for TB quilt. They really are coming together nicely. A lot of Half-Square Triangles. I am getting fairly good at making them.
Just looking at those blocks and writing this blog has encouraged me to at least go and get those nine done.
Well I guess I'll go make some coffee and reintroduce my self to my sewing gal Sal. I have never named my machine before and think that is a good one. So Sal it is. Hope you were inspired to get in your sewing room today too. Take care and talk at ya soon.
Happy Stitchin,

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