Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I thought I would put up a picture of my very first quilt top. This is called my "Quilt for Jesus". The pattern is called Burgoyne Surround. It was on this quilt that I learned how to use a rotary cutter, mat and ruler. The top itself came together pretty fast. I think I had it almost completed in the workshop that I took. I'm not sure now as that was back in the early 1990's.

I started to hand quilt it and as you can see, I have not completed it yet.
One of these days >>>
You may be wondering why I named it the way I did. In the Bible it talks about giving your first fruits to the Lord. This is my very first quilt top ever that I pieced and someday when it is complete I will give it to the Lord via donation.
Well I am still new at this blogging and I wanted to put up other pictures but the blog page wanted to put them all at the top of the page. So I will enter ths one for today and I am off to my sewing room. Have a nice day.

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