Monday, October 26, 2009

Well the weekend is over and I survived.YAY!
I had a great time with my 5 y/o grand-daughter Areigna Rose. We went to the pumkin patch in Grinnell on Sat. afternoon. Grandma could barely keep up with Areigna. It was a good thing her aunt Casey and uncle Kevin and cousin Leo went too. The day was beautiful and there was lots to do. So keeping an energetic 5 y/o busy was no problem.
Here are a couple of little treasures I picked up at the pumkin patch shop. There was a big sale and I picked these each for $1 each. Cute aren't they.

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This one is kinda blurry. I must have been shaking while shooting. :)

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While at Grandmas house, Areigna kept busy sorting scraps into color piles and bagging them up. She did a great job and enjoyed helping Grandma who was very glad for the help. I was really impressed with her eye for color. She also played with the dogs, helped to feed the rabbits and played with some Cabbage Patch Dolls that were her Aunts dolls when they were little girls.

We really enjoyed having her this weekend and look forward to her coming back soon. Maybe Grandma will teach her how to bake some cookies or make chains for crochet or something else really crafty and fun. If you have any ideas for crafty things a 5 y/o can do, they will be greatly appreciated.

Today I am going to figure out a design board so I don't have to lay my quilt out on the bed.

I also have to get my supplies ready for the workshops that I signed up for at the Des Moines Quilt show that starts on Wed. I have 2 workshops on Wed, 2 on Thurs and one on Fri. I will blog each day to let you know what new things I have learned.
I had better get busy because I also have laundry and cleaning to do today as well.

1)My quiet time with my Lord. Helps to keep me focused.

2)My home made laundry soap, Just pennies per load. Love it.

3) My Family, Husband, children, grandchildren and parents.I love you all very much.

Thsnks for stopping in, Have a great day.

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