Friday, October 23, 2009

True Blue and Crocheted Baby Afgan

I am finally done with all 100 blocks for the TB quilt and am ready to start assembling them into the quilt top.
I am still working on how to edit this blog and thanks to my daughter Casey I did get the pictures in the right place. YAY!!! In the first one TB is laid out on my bed (I really need to make myself a design board). That isn't even all of the blocks because I couldn't fit them all on my bed. You can really see the pattern pop out.
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The next photo is the last 10 blocks ready to be assembled.
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Now I am ready to put it all together but not today. :)
I am going to Cedar Rapids today to pick up my 5 y/o granddaughter for the weekend. YAY!!! I haven't spent a lot of time with her this year and now that I am currently unemployed I am taking advantage.

I just wanted to give a short update to everyone on my activity the last 2 days. I went to see my youngest daughter, Casey, both days. We spent the afternoons with her new son named Leo. We baked cookies on Wednesday, chocolate chip, my favorite. I stayed for supper that night. She made a delicious meal of vegetables from her garden, glazed carrots and steamed potatoes along with Scallops sauteed in butter and wine. It was wonderful.
Yesterday we enjoyed a leisurely lunch together and she helped me to put a signature to my blog. We had lots of conversation. I snuck in a few hugs to her as well as being able to hold my darling grandson as much as I wanted. :) A good time was had by all. Leo is growing so fast. He is already 10 weeks old and such a handsome little fellow. I sure do love being a grandma.

This the baby afgan I am crocheting for my sister-in-laws first grandchild. It takes 2 strands of yarn and will be a very warm blanket when it is finished. Baby and family all live in Utah.
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Those are my current WIP. What is WIP? you ask? Well it stands for work in progress.
That is all for now. I will work at blogging on a more regular basis to keep you updated.
Thanks for stopping in. I love to read your comments so thanks for taking the time to comment.

This is something new I picked up from crazy mom quilter:
My Gratitudes:

1) My husband who works hard and never complains.

2) My 3 adorable grandchildren who bless me so much with their energy and huggableness. (is that a word?)

3) My Mom. I love you very much Mom.

Talk to all of you soon,

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  1. I love that TB quilt!! When is it coming to my house??